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Bývalý ministr obrany hovoří o UFO.


Bývalý kanadský ministr obrany Paul Hellyer v televizním pořadu hovoří o UFO, mimozemských rasách a jejich vztazích se zemí. Video je v angličtině.

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O interpretacích


Už dlouho jsem nenapsal článek, ale mám pocit, že toto téma by se hodilo alespoň trochu rozebrat. Co vlastně myslím interpretacemi? Úhly pohledu, individuální úhly pohledu na situace a hlavně osoby v nich figurující. Ne že by se interpretace netýkaly i všech ostatních věcí, ale názory na lidi jsou to, v čem máme jako lidé často paradoxně velké mezery.


Where I am?

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Eckhart Tolle This lecture explains the, how to get to odprostění from the ego with the present moment, how to get to peace, life without fear and enlightenment.


Nassim Haramein – Field Theory

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Nassim Haramein at the conference in 2003.

Claims, that deciphered pictograms. His themes are in addition to his unified field theory are Concept Universe holofraktografického, Templars, Emmanuelův Hrob, kabala, Tree of Life and other. Haramein konstatuje, that some of the geometry was found in the ruins of ancient buildings and also in crop circles.


Prophecies of Nostradamus 21. 12. 2012

Nostradamus (16. century) - Was a French astrologer, prophet and doctor .

Everyone must find the truth about the meaning of these sentences in himself.


μ-Transformation #11

To,confronted with what we, I, we find that, that we know nothing. That our ideas about reality were and still are very childish, incomplete, stiff. Reality, which is moving, shows, that our stunned and rigid ways of thinking just is not enough.

When something transforms, thus transforming all. Change is complete and consists of, and describe how we create reality.

-- Jaroslav Dusek


The illusion of the Ego


Today put Luke Curve video on Facebook, that definitely deserves to be here. Available with English subtitles.


Seven steps to overcome the ego

Here are seven suggestions, that will help you overcome deeply entrenched notions of self-importance. All are designed, to help you to prevent false identification with the ego arrogant.


Wayne Dyer: Transformation (The Shift)


Against the background of a few human lives reveals the desire for inner change, after transformation, for real sense. The film's heroes solve money, rat race, attitude toward the homeless, need a sense of importance, love to the luxury lifestyle, desire for fame, sacrifice family, fulfillment of childhood dreams, willingness to help others and care about them, slavery to social conventions and the status of, efforts to find a partner ...

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Black ops, UFO a Disclosure Project


Performance of many credible witnesses, connecting to so many allegations of so-called Black Operations, funded by the U.S. government. Video does not need a longer comment. It will help you open your eyes ... So if you're not watching TV.