μ-Transformation #11

To,confronted with what we, I, we find that, that we know nothing. That our ideas about reality were and still are very childish, incomplete, stiff. Reality, which is moving, shows, that our stunned and rigid ways of thinking just is not enough.

When something transforms, thus transforming all. Change is complete and consists of, and describe how we create reality.

-- Jaroslav Dusek

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Bretharián Henri Monfort – one, who lives with or without food


Breatharián - one, who lives with or without food - Jaroslav Dusek guest at the Theatre Kampa, this time in the theater Bolek Polivka. Three hours talking about the incredible phenomenon of "food only from the air and washed", allegedly practiced successfully around the globe have 30 only 40 thousand people.

Henri shows an example: "You look beautiful landscape and the sunset and feel good, at the time you have hunger, are fed, It is nutrition greetings. Your senses will perceive the subtle energy of life."

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Jaroslav Dusek: About the time, Fasting, Water and rocks


For those, who had the opportunity to see this story by Jaroslav Dusek.
For those, which he said, to look at it later and I can not remember it.
For those, what they want simply to repeat.

For all, what they want to raise their vibration.

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